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Date on August 14, 1993

Hello Visitors , Assalamu alaikum.
        Welcome to the Abed Textile Processing Mills Limited website which:
One of the pioneers of Textile processing, printing and dyeing section in Bangladesh.
        It started its operation in 1982 under the direct leadership of Mr. Haji Abed Ali Miah.
        Please browse pages to know about us & your needs.
Who We Are....


 i.       Tenders shall be opened by the Tender Committee strictly on the date and time specified in the Tender Schedule and/or Tender Notice/ Enquiry in presence of the tenders or their authorized representatives (present if any). Signature of all those attended the opening of the Tender, should be taken on the Tender Documents and sample/bag (where necessary).

 ii.       The Tender received after closing of the slit of the Tender Box, either through the Tenders or by any other mode but invariably on the date and time of opening of Tenders, shall be treated as “Time Barred” or “Late Tender”. These Tenders are to be marked “Time Barred” and signatures of all those present during the opening of the Tenders should be taken on the cover. If, however, the rates quoted in such Tender(s) are found considerably lower than those of the lowest acceptable Tenders received on fixed date and time, the Tender Committee may recommend to the competent authority for acceptance of the same in the interest of the Company.

 iii.      Incomplete Tender shall be rejected outright and Security Deposit/ Earnest Money, if any shall be returned to the Tender concerned.

 iv.      A Tenders may quote alternative prices for a single item as specified in the Tender Schedule.

 v.      Clarification on Tender may be obtained but no change of price offered in the Tender should be allowed.

 vi.      If price negotiation is desirable then it should be done with all the responsive bidders and not with the lowest bidder alone.



 i.There will be one Tender Committee at Head Office and all work/sale/purchase against Press Tender, Limited and Single Tenders for Head Office. Central Store will be processed, examined and recommended to the competent authority for approval by this Committee. 

ii.       The structure of the Tender Committee will be as follows :- 


The Manger (Administration)



The Manager Production



The Chief Accounts and Finance



The Manager/Purchase Officer


The Managing Director may change composition of the Tender Committee if felt expedient with prior approval of the Competent Authority.

iii.  In the absence of the Convener the senior most Member of the Tender Committee will act as Convener of the Tender business.


i.  Offers in cases of Import of any item/goods shall remain valid for a period not less than 60 (sixty) days.

 ii. Offers in cases of Press Tender for purchase/sale/work/services Appointment of Carrying Contractors/Carrying out of Printing Work/Procurement of Chemicals from manufacturers etc. shall remain valid maximum for 60 (sixty) days.

 iii. Offers in cases of proprietary items shall remain valid maximum for 60 (sixty) days.

 iv.      Offers in cases of Limited Tenders shall remain valid maximum for 3 (three) weeks.

v. In cases of extreme emergency procurement to meet immediate requirement validity of offer may be limited to 48-72 hours.

vi. Validity of offer shall have to be extended by the tenders if and when requested by the Company.

         SINGLE OFFER:

 i.       The system of Single Offer should be adopted only in case of strictly proprietary articles with a sole agency where no other firm is in a position to quote. All individual cases where it is proposed to issue a Single Tender Enquiry, approval of the competent authority concerned is to be obtained and spare parts catalogue and printed price list if available are also to be submitted by the firm or sole agent. 

ii.       Acceptance or rejection of such single offer shall depend upon the reasonableness of quoted price and urgency of the requirement. If the merchandiser urgently required then negotiation must be made with the bidder, otherwise procurement may be made through re-tender.

 iii.      In case of Limited Tender, however, if Single Tender is received, then 2/3 spot quotations may be obtained from open market keeping the Single Tender 1st received un-opened and decision be taken on the lowest Tender after opening the Single Tender and Spot quotations.

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