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Date on August 14, 1993

Hello Visitors , Assalamu alaikum.
        Welcome to the Abed Textile Processing Mills Limited website which:
One of the pioneers of Textile processing, printing and dyeing section in Bangladesh.
        It started its operation in 1982 under the direct leadership of Mr. Haji Abed Ali Miah.
        Please browse pages to know about us & your needs.
Who We Are....

Abed Textile Processing Mills Limited has two sources of power supply units. One is Gas generator and another is REB (Rural Electrification Board). Both of them have been given below:


Gas Generator:

Capacity         : 394 kba

Consumption  : 252 kw

Origin            : CUMMINS

Manufactured : USA & UK


Capacity         : 500 kba

Consumption  : 320 kw

 In course of the total process now it goes to mercerize machine (long mercerize machine). Ending the part it is washed with soap/detergent + acitic acid and as per particular party requirements it goes to dyeing section. Dyeing master show his magic performance mixing with a significance combination of various color(s) on it and dry with dry cylinder machine.

 The dry dyeing fabrics is prepared for finishing step. To finish and keep standard measurement of the product, it runs through stenter machine. Stenter machine fixed up color everlasting, make the right weight of the product (as per prescribed measurement of concern party) and develop the quality of the product. Then it sends to feld calendar machine and folds it by folding machine in a particular direction. The last process of the product before going to the market it decorates with label and packet.

 Now it is prepared to deliver to the party.

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