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Date on August 14, 1993

Hello Visitors , Assalamu alaikum.
        Welcome to the Abed Textile Processing Mills Limited website which:
One of the pioneers of Textile processing, printing and dyeing section in Bangladesh.
        It started its operation in 1982 under the direct leadership of Mr. Haji Abed Ali Miah.
        Please browse pages to know about us & your needs.
Who We Are....
Mission and Vision

The founder Chairman Mr. Haji Abed Ali Miah wants to make the company systematic and dynamic to serve the production as well as service with Inter national quality. He maximizes its profit earning capacity and at the same time he built its image to obtain global recognition as a supplier of world class production and be a market leader. To achieve the aim he imported the best performing machinery and installed in his owned area. Now it is going very fast market holder in the country. A summary of performance of Abed Textile Processing Mills Limited have been noted below for instance:


   a)      The main objective of Abed Textile Processing Mills Limited is to   introduce quality in higher performance production and service to give satisfaction to the related parties of the company.

b)      All kinds of spinning, cotton yarn production, sizing, mercerizing, washing, dyeing, printing, processing, calendaring and finishing.

c)      All kinds of yarn or gray import and sales in the market.

d)      Manufacturing cotton, reshmi, pashomi, and artificial cloths, nets, brushes or homogeneous productions, sales, purchases, export, import, exchange and or use it for company purpose.

e)      Hand loom, power loom products manufacture, purchase, sales, export and import.

f)        Establishment of plastic, nylon, pylon, profiling, monofilament, multi filament producing machineries.

g)      Contractual work as the party required to serve for sizing, mercerizing, washing, dyeing, printing, processing, calendaring and finishing.

h)      Manufacturing rubber and rubber related any production, leather oriented any bag, shoes, parts, show piece etc.

i)        Deal with all kinds of textile and garments oriented product.

j)        Manufacturing all kinds of logistics, accessories through LC, contractual, sub contract to develop the main production.

k)      Import all kinds of chemicals whenever and whatever necessary to process product, manufacture raw materials and use with related section by  the approval of the Bangladesh Government.

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